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Lake in the Olympic Park

Location : The "OLY-SEE" is located in the middle of the Olympic Park in Munich. The Olympic Park was the venue of the XX. 1972 Olympic Games and is located in the district of Milbertshofen-Am Hart. The 8.6-hectare Olympiasee is often divided into "Kleiner Olympiasee"   and "Großer Olympiasee". The boundary is roughly marked by the Spiridon-Louis Ring bridge over the lake. The Olympiasee is an extension of the Nymphenburg-Biederstein Canal and has a length of 1120 meters and a maximum width of 223 meters. The lake is 1.3 meters deep on average, maximum 1.4 meters, minimum 0.8 meters. 

Accessibility:With 160 hectares, the Olympic Park is one of the largest green spaces in Munich. On a 4 km long circular path you can take a nice walk around the lake.


Wind conditions "Great Olympic Lake":  Covered by trees and the Olympic swimming pool in an easterly wind, wind is slightly gusty. 

Meeting point: Meadow immediately below Coubertinplatz, 80809 Munich and directly on the Seebühne (Theatron). 

Parking:  (Status: 12/2021)

Parking fees forcars:

Park harp: 5.00 € / day


Parking harp at the Olympic Stadium: 20.00 € / day

Parking deck at the Olympic Tower and parking lot at the Olympic Ice Sports Center:
up to 30 minutes: free
2 hours: €4.00
3 hours: €5.00
4 hours: €6.00
5 hours: €7.00
6 hours: €8.00
Daily rate: €12.00

Attention environmental zone Munich- Parking harp free! 

The middle ring itself does not belong to the environmental zone. It is therefore possible for visitors to the Olympic Park to drive directly from the Mittlerer Ring (Landshuter Allee) via the Sapporobogen into the Parkharfe - without an environmental badge.


Access: at the Theatron the boats are easy to launch 

Regatta:are currently not planned. The Modell Yacht Club Munich organizes, among other things, an IOM Regatta twice a year on Lake Feringa


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