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Location : The Karlsfelder See is located on the western outskirts of Karlsfeld and is easily accessible from all directions. The lake is 980 mtr. long and 300 m. broad. It is fed by groundwater sources and therefore has excellent water quality. It has a maximum water depth of 10 m. The lake is easily accessible from all sides and is surrounded by gently sloping meadows.

Accessibility:The lake is located in the middle of a beautiful and very well-kept recreation and leisure area. On a 2.6 km long circular path you can take a nice walk around the lake.


wind conditions:Very good with south-easterly to north-easterly winds, covered by trees with easterly winds, which means the wind is slightly gusty. 

Meeting point: Wiese next to the restaurant, Hochstr. 71, 85757 Karlsfeld, and directly in front of the parking lot . 

Parking:  are very good. There is a very large car park right next to the restaurant.


Access: we use fishing boots to put the boats in the water. 

Regatta:are currently not planned. The Modell Yacht Club Munich organizes, among other things, an IOM Regatta twice a year on Lake Feringa


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