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Hollern Lake

Location: The Hollerner See is about 20 minutes north of Munich. near Eching  

Accessibility: Year-round sailing is permitted here. Of course there are also swimmers and SUP's at high temperatures, but they are more interested than grumpy. 

Between the parking lot and the lake there is a nice kiosk with a great selection of snacks, BBQ & snacks.PIKE AND SUN


wind conditions:  The lake has only recently "turned out" from a gravel pit with heavy clearing equipment to an official bathing lake, so there are still no tall trees and there is always a steady wind.

Meeting point: at the water guard


Parking:  large parking lot on the east side. You have to walk about 50 meters to the water. A few steps lead to the shore.

A parking fee of €3.50 (as of 2022) is due at the weekend.


Access: The best place to put the boats in the water is the "five fingers" in the northeastern part of the lake, coarse gravel, and quite steeply sloping. There are no noteworthy aquatic plants in the way. Rubber boots should do. Depending on the length of the fin, waders are also recommended. 

At the lifeguard there is a Possibility of use with "dry" feet.

Regatta:  we are planning a friendship regatta for 2023. The Modell Yacht Club Munich organizes, among other things, an IOM ranking list regatta twice a year at Lake Feringa


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